A Crazy Anne Hathaway-William Shakespeare Theory Has Everyone Shook

We've all just been living our lives totally unaware that Anne Hathaway and her husband are quite possibly time travelers. However, a recent tweet has called out the Oscar winner and her man on their century jumping ways and now everyone knows they are from the past. 

According to a post that is going viral, Anne's husband, Adam Shulman, bears a striking resemblance to William Shakespeare. That is no big deal - plenty of people look like celebrities - but wait until you hear what Shakespeare's wife's name was: Anne Hathaway. 

The coincidences are too much for many to take, with plenty of people certain that the only way this can be real life is if Anne and Adam are actually some kind of time-transported Anne and William.


Some people think it is just a sign of the enduring love between Shakespeare and his wife:


Others pointed out how that isn't very likely:


Or maybe that is exactly why they are together now:


The Shakespeare theory might also help to explain why Anne doesn't seem to age:


Anne Hathaway is looking good for being possibly 463 years old.

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