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22-Year-Old Girls Basketball Coach Caught Filling-In For H.S. Player

Girls playing basketball

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Churchland High School in Portsmouth, VA was made aware that when one of their players got hurt, a 22-year-old assistant coach put her uniform on and played for the team.

Arlisha Boykins, 22, an assistant junior varsity basketball coach (who is no longer employeed) played in a tournament with the team as if she was the absent player.  The girl she was filling in for heard about it and complained to school officials, according to WAVY TV .

The player's father told the news station, “Coaches always preach to the kids about integrity and those types of things, so I was just shocked." This was a grown woman playing against 13 and 14-year-old students and she was BALLIN' on them. Putting up amazing shot, hitting crossovers like a pro and these girls had a hard time keeping up. She was even chest bumping and showing off after she made big plays, as if she was just one of the JV players and wasn't much older and more skilled than everyone on the court.

Here is the video of her in action:

Some sources said that the actual coach was "encouraging the behavior" out of her assistant and didn't step in.

Unfortunately for the team, after a team meeting attended by their parents, they have decided to cancel the remaining games and forgo the entire season now.

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