Luke Combs Is On The Prowl For A Valentine’s Day WOW

Luke Combs is on the hunt for a romantic ‘Cassanovo-type’ strategy that will sweep his fiancée Nicole Hocking off her feet for Valentine’s Day.

Hoping to plan something extraordinary, Luke is currently trying to balance playing his sold-out Knoxville show with preparing a solid Valentine’s Day plan. He told People, “Right now, I’ve got a sold-out arena show in Knoxville, Tennessee on Valentine’s Day so I’m gonna do that. But she will be out on the road, so I’m sure I’ll come up with some kind of Casanova-type thing to try to sweep her off her feet one more time.”

It may be hard to picture Luke as the romantic type; however, his Instagram captions sometimes show a soft and affectionate soon-to-be hubby. Remember his post from his CMA Awards win?

Smiling from ear to ear, both Nicole and Luke are pictured on the red carpet together with Luke’s arm embracing Nicole’s waist. His caption, “I won a CMA award last night but I showed up a winner because of this amazing woman. Thank you for believing in me, supporting me, and eating cookout with me at 1:30am after the awards. I love you so much @nicohocking, you’re incredible inside and out. 📸@johnshearer.”

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Good luck Luke! We will keep our eyes on Instagram for an love laden update.

Photo Credit: Getty Images.