Morgan Evans Opens Up About His Very Public Divorce

Morgan Evans stopped by The Bobby Bones Show and opened up about his very public divorce, the reaction from his new song “Over For You,” and how it’s connected with so many people.  

Evans just got back from spending a month back home in Australia, celebrating the holidays and spending some much needed time with family and friends. He ended 2022 by having an unexpected viral hit on his hands. In September of 2022, he first debuted his new song “Over For You” at his headlining CMC Rocks QLD Festival show in Australia. He chose to perform the new song right then and there. He had only written the song a week prior and hadn’t even sent it to his management yet. It was a very emotional moment for him, and the first sneak-peek fans got into his public divorce from fellow country star Kelsea Ballerini. He had no expectations for the song, he just felt it was something he needed to say and not try to cover it up. 

“Over For You” was the first song he’d written in four months. He went into the writing session with three other writers thinking he needed to do something creative. He was sitting in the corner not contributing much at first, when he finally told them he’d be useless in the session unless he told them the truth about what was going on in his life. Sharing his personal story adds value to anything creative, and that’s exactly what happened when they wrote the song. The goal for that session wasn’t to write a hit, but to just try to make sense of the situation. As a songwriter, he’s proud of that aspect. He feels pride after seeing how sharing that level of vulnerability at that level of writing is what connects and relates with people.  

The song has taken on a life of its own and connected with people going through similar situations. He’s been getting a lot of messages from people thanking him for the song. That he was able to put into words how they feel and knowing they aren’t alone. Getting that type of support has helped him a lot, but Evans admits it’s weird to have people in his personal business in a way they haven’t been before. But he feels he’s handled the situation maturely. This season of his life has been tough for him, but he realized he needs to worry about himself because the only thing you can control is you, how you feel and what you’re doing.  

He ended the interview by weighing in on the debate that Bobby Bones thinks he could win in a generic fight with a kangaroo. Evans thinks he’d be able to take on an average kangaroo, but not one of the super jacked ones.  

Evans and Mitchell Tenpenny are joining forces for their co-headlining European Day Drunk Me Tour in March, before he comes back stateside to go on Brett Young’s 5 Tour 3, 2, 1 tour.  

Check out Morgan Evans' performance of his new song “Over For You” below!  

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