Bobby Made Fun Of Morgan2 For Her Instagram Posts

Morgan2 is the web girl for Bobby Bones Show Replay She knows all things social media and digital stuff for the show and for technology today. She's also the one on the show who the other show members go to, to stay in the know about things in culture today. She's 25-years-old and tends to be aware of the hot trends in all the things.

Bobby Bones saw her post on Instagram with her smiling along with a long quoted caption and thought it was funny. Bobby and Eddie started making fun of Morgan2 saying her posts were fun to mess with because they were so serious, inspirational or featured just a picture of her. Bones decided to go further with the poking fun by posting his own Instagram similar to hers. It was a photo of him smiling while sitting on the couch.

Turns out Morgan2 actually knew what works to get engagement on social media, Bones post had over 26K likes. He kind of apologized after the fact saying she "knew what she's doing," but also noted that they only poke fun of the people they like.