Bobby Spends Afternoon with Amy's Son Playing Games and Eating Ice Cream

Bobby Bones' last couple of months has been crazy busy from winning Dancing With The Stars Season 27 to being on the road for his Red Hoodie Comedy Tour. On top of all that, the only time his Bobby Bones Show co-hosts and friends have seen him is a few minutes in the studio here and there. Due to the crazy time, Bones hasn't gotten to see his good friend and co-host Amy's children. So he decided to take them out one-on-one for some quality uncle Bobby time. 

Bones took Amy's son Stevenson to Dave & Buster's to play games and eat ice cream. On the way there, he got to sit in the front seat of Bones' car and the two of them jammed to Taylor Swift and Drake. They didn't spend any time "picking up chicks" like Lunchbox and Eddie suggested, but they had plenty of fun. 

Listen below to the full day out and some cute clips of the two singing together.

Bobby Spends Time With Amy's Son