Amy Got a Peloton Treadmill from Bobby for Christmas

Over a month ago, The Bobby Bones Show did their annual Christmas gift exchange. While this year's exchange was focused on "things you already own," there was still some serious gift giving outside of the show exchange. Bobby Bones gave the behind the scenes people on the show Amazon Echo Shows and then the guys on the show very expensive bottles of Dom Pérignon. 

Then there was Amy, Bobby's best friend, and co-host. She didn't receive the expensive champagne or an Amazon Echo Show, nope Bones gifted her something totally different and even more high-end than everyone anticipated. 

At first, Amy was so excited about the gift when she opened it, but she didn't want to share what it was due to the price tag. Finally, we all got to find out what Bones got Amy and WOW! Bones gave her a Peloton Treadmill. You know the trendy new exercise equipment you keep seeing commercials about? Yes, that's it.