The 'Drunkest' City In Georgia

Photo: skynesher/E+/Getty Images

Many adults enjoy partaking in a boozy beverage every now and then as a way to unwind, gossip among friends or simply to savor a delicious drink. However, there some people who move past drinking responsibly and instead may indulge a little more than average and verge on heavy drinking.

24/7 Tempo searched around the country for higher rates of heavy drinking to determine the "drunkest" city in each state, compiling a list of which metro cities have higher percentage of adults engaging in binge drinking. According to the site, the Augusta-Richmond County area of Georgia is the "drunkest" in the entire state, with 19.1% of adults binging or engaging in heavy drinking compared to the 17.8% state average.

Here's how the site determined its list:

"24/7 Tempo reviewed the percentage of men and women over 18 who reported heavy or bing drinking in each state's metro areas. Metro level data was aggregated from county data in the 2022 County Health Rankings & Roadmaps, a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute joint program. Delaware, Rhode Island, and Vermont have only one metro area."

Check out the full list at 24/7 Tempo to see more of the drunkest cities around the country.

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