Tyler Hubbard Shares Heartwarming Family Pics With Birthday Tribute To Wife

Photo: Getty Images

Tyler Hubbard posted a heartwarming tribute to his wife in honor of her birthday on Monday (September 18). The “5 Foot 9” hitmaker shared a few sweet photos of the couple and their kids.

“Happy birthday Love. Cheers to another year of laughter, love, marriage, friendship, health, parenting, adventure, challenges, victories, and all around growth,” Hubbard wrote in his caption. “I love you and I’m excited for what this year has in store.”

Hubbard, 36, married Hayley, who turns 36 on Monday, in the midst of the breathtaking mountains in Idaho, where she grew up. Hayley told PEOPLE at that time that “it’s a very peaceful place and it’s one of our favorite places in the world.” Hubbard, who was born in Georgia, added that it’s “heaven on earth,” and attendees were ready to “dance and have fun.”

The Hubbards have since welcomed three young children, beginning with daughter Olivia (Liv), 5, and sons Luca, 4, and Atlas, turning 3 this month. Hubbard told PEOPLE that after becoming a family of five — even with three kids under 3 years old — he “can’t imagine it any other way.” He also hailed his wife a “CHAMP,“ deeming her “so strong and peaceful at the same time.”

See Hubbard’s birthday tribute to his wife here:

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