Royals Hope William & Harry Can 'Bond' Before Prince Philip’s Funeral

Prince Harry arrived in the U.K. on Sunday ahead of Prince Philip's funeral. This marks the first time the Duke of Sussex has been in his home country since his final royal engagement in early 2020. Harry will also reunite with his brother, Prince William, amid their ongoing feud.

“Harry knew he was walking into the lion’s den so to speak, but decided it was important to keep his head held high and show his respect towards his grandfather,” a source told Us Weekly. Harry “loved [Philip] very much and will always remember [him] fondly.”

The Royal Family wants the two brothers to set aside their differences for the funeral. “The rest of the family are just hoping the brothers can grit their teeth and get through this without stress or animosity,” the source continued. “There’s also a hope that they can bond in person and put the past behind them, though it’ll be difficult due to the resentment and anger that’s existed on both sides.”

Despite the hope that they will come together during this sad time, the insider believes too much has happened between William and Harry for them to just set their differences aside. “The likelihood is that they’ll get through this quietly and be cordial yet somewhat detached,” the insider explained. “They certainly won’t want to stress out their grandmother with any ill will or negativity, so that’s one positive.”

Prince Philip's funeral will take place this coming Saturday (April 17) at St. George's Chapel on the grounds of Windsor Castle.

Photo: Getty