16 Maren Morris Lyrics That Will Make You Feel Like A Girl Boss

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International Women's Day is coming up on March 8, and what better way to observe this important day than by blasting music by your favorite female artists? Country superstar Maren Morris is one of many artists that can make you feel like a girl boss just by hitting play. Here are 14 empowering lyrics from Morris (that'll also make the perfect ideas for your most confident Instagram captions).

"I've cussed on a Sunday/ I've cheated and I've lied/ I've fallen down from grace/ A few too many times/ But I find holy redemption/ When I put this car in drive/ Roll the windows down and turn up the dial"
"Do what you do cause what you don't phase me/ Just when you think I'm at the end, any second I'ma catch my second wind"
"I'll sway like a tree when you need a change/ I'll travel the world or stay in one place/ I'll hold your hand when the storm's at the door/ 'Cause you got my back and I got yours"
"Feel like a hard-to-get starlet when I'm driving/ Turning every head — hell I ain't even trying"
"Smoke was comin' off my jacket and you didn't seem to mind/ I left a long trail of ashes and you said, 'I like your style'/ Now, heartbreak ain't a competition, but I took it in a landslide/ The skeletons I wanted to bury, you liked out in the light"
"I'm a glass of good whiskey with your name on it"
"I don't wanna wear your crown/ There's enough to go around"
"I'm cooking up my own flavor, even if it ain't your style"
"I stand out like neon on the darkest night"
"Everything's gonna be okay/ Baby girl, don't you hang your head low/ Don't you lose your halo"
"What you do with trash? You take it out/ So why are you letting him hang around?/ Girl, you gotta know when to clean house/ And throw his sh*t out in the yard"
"I know you been looking for love, so/ Let me show you how it's done"
"Tried the fake sh*t but it ain't the same/ A girl just knows when it's the real thing"
"Call it dumb luck, but baby, you and I/ Can't even mess it up, though we both try/ No, it don't always go the way we planned it/ But the wolves came and went and we're still standing"
“I've been kind and I've been ruthless/ Yeah, I got here but the truth is/ Thought when I hit it, it'd all look different/ But I still got the pedal down/ Driving circles around this town”
“Oooooo/ Do you hear that/ It's the sound of a new wind blowing/ Oooooo/ Do you feel that/ Heart letting go of the weight it's been holding/ I’ve made miracles in the shadows/ But now that I'm out in the sun/ I’ll never stop growing/ Wherever I'm going/ Hope I'm not the only one”

What's your favorite Maren Morris lyric?

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