Carly Pearce Appreciates A Sweet Gesture On Valentine's Day

Some people think too much emphasis is placed on romantic gestures and elaborate gifts on Valentine’s Day. Carly Pearce says, “I think any time you can celebrate love is wonderful. But, do I think that there needs to be a day where somebody should feel so inclined to make you feel special? No, I think you should feel special every day.”

But Carly, whose latest song, “Closer to You,” makes her think of her fiancée, Michael Ray, laughs and says, “I feel special every day. But, I mean, do I want maybe some flowers on Valentine’s Day? Yeah.”

Checking Carly and Michael’s schedules, it looks like they both may be off for Valentine’s Day, so it’s likely they’ll both find a way to celebrate their first Valentine’s Day together.

Photo: Getty Images


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