Join Pauly at Amelia Island Coffee

Amelia Island Coffee is THE place for coffee--and lots more!

We offer more than a great cup of coffee,  We offer a warm and welcoming spot to meet old friends and make new ones.  That's why folks often say "I'll meet you at the coffee shop" when planning a get together with friends, colleagues or business associates.  It's been that way since Amelia Island Coffee opened 18 years ago,

Sit back, relax and choose from our varied menu of hot and cold coffee and espresso drinks, organic tea, freshly baked pastries and breakfast and lunch items seven days a week. For hot weather, there's always gourmet ice cream, cold brew, frozen drinks and a selection of craft beer or varietal wines.  

Want to check your e-mail or social media.  No problem with our free, high-speed internet service.

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